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“I-I wanted to be in the same group as Tendou-san!”

I immediately said that. Then, Tendou-san smiled and answered, “Right.” …She’s scary.

“This time, you can rely on Uehara-kun and me.”

“Uehara-kun, and you?”

“Yeah. We’re almost there, so I don’t have time to explain…However, Uehara-kun and I knew the rules of this random arrangement.”

“Eh, why?”

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“Of course, that’s because we already-“

Tendou-san coughed as she said that.

“S-She's already…?”

D-Don’t tell me, Tendou-san and Uehara-kun have come to the Kizuna Dungeon before?”

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I’m shivering at the ever-increasing sense of defeat. Then, Tendou-san continued.

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“A-Anyway, Uehara-kun and I will manage to get into a group with Aguri-san and you. So, you two don’t need to freak out, just be the normal you. That’s all I wanted to say.”


After she said that, I found out that Uehara-kun is seemingly explaining the same thing to Aguri-san.