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What kind of relationship did FV Club have with Boss Pei? He treated them like his own son. Did Boss Pei have so much spare money to spend?

Weren’t the veteran clubs overseas and celebrities with high net worth staying at the Courtyard by Marriott obediently?

Those who did not know better would think that these people from FV Club were big shots!

Zhao Xuming silently felt sour. After a moment of silence, he quickly changed the topic. “Hurry up with the check in then we’ll find a place to eat.”

The others also responded and stopped talking about FV Club.

Since they could only check in in the afternoon, everyone decided to deposit their luggage first. They would eat in the hotel and settle in after settling the training ground.

There was a buffet in the hotel that cost 15 US dollars per person. They were all standard American food and snacks. They were not particularly used to eating them, but they were not bad overall.

Zhao Xuming, the interpreter, and the two club leaders ate as they thought about the problem with the training ground.

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Even though Finger Games’ official platform would arrange for training rooms, that would definitely happen only after the international competition began. What’s more, the so-called training rooms would probably be renting a few conference rooms in the hotel and be distributed to the team members, They would probably have a few computers and a few E-Sports chairs. They could not ask too much for the overall conditions and environment.

They had to find a place of their own to train if they wanted to start early.

The interpreter said, “Boss Zhao, I just checked. There are not many internet cafes around here, but there is one that is relatively good. We can consider it.”

“We can go and take a look after dinner. Coincidentally, Finger Games has also given us high rank super accounts. We can let our players play RANK here. We can also arrange the training competition with the other European and American teams in advance.”