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“I don’t need it. Also, you’re already not talking about loners.”

“…The archmage loner that loves shotas and school swimsuits.”

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“Don’t treat me as a monster spawner or something like that.”

“Hiya, then it’s almost time for gaming, archmage.”

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“Don’t change my alias. I’m Tigertrap.”

“I do feel that alias is weird enough.”

I finally started slowly preparing the game while I watched Keita’s bitter smile. I feel like the longer we spent time together, …our “chatters” is dragging longer than the actual gaming session.

Alright, let’s forget about that and play the game. He’s going to play a detective AVG today. A text-based game is definitely not suited for live streams, at least I won’t upload a video like this. However, I want to experiment with Keita Amano’s live streaming qualities.

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“Alright, we’re all set now.”

After I opened the game, I clicked on the PC and started recording. Then, I grabbed the mug and moved over to the kotatsu before starting the stream.

“Excuse me.”

I squeezed myself into the tight kotatsu with Keita, where I’m practically touching his shoulder. Naturally, I can feel his ankles and waist. It made me a bit uncomfortable.

(Why am I getting nervous over a brat like this…)

It’s because Ao is always yelling at me. “I can’t believe you’re bringing a high school boy into your room. How dirty.” I can’t get it off my mind. …During this time-

“Uh, then can I start playing this, Ki- Tora?”

I’m still lost in thoughts even when the title screen popped out. Keita asked me this in confusion. I answered. “S-Sure, sorry.” Then, I cleared my throat and switched the mood.