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The person-in-charge of Shang Yang Games and the person-in-charge of GOG’s international server actually went all the way to Los Angeles to do tactical analysis. It was really like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Initially, Wang Xiaobin had many questions to ask Ye Zhizhou during the process of developing the downloadable content. However, he could not ask them because there was a huge time difference between the two sides. What’s more, Ye Zhizhou seemed to be very busy over there.

However, Wang Xiaobin did not dare to say anything. After all, Boss Pei had personally requested it.

“It’s just an E-Sports competition organized by IOI. I don’t understand why Boss Pei values it so much. Could there be some special considerations?”

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“Forget it, I’ll just do my own thing.”

Wang Xiaobin released the downloadable content of the two games and then paid close attention to the players’ feedback.

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At the same time, in Sloth Apartments...

Qiao Liang had just woken up. He swiped his cell phone in boredom as he ate the regularly delivered Fish-Catching Take-Out.

“GPL competition will only start at five in the afternoon. Should I play games or make a video this afternoon?”

“Okay, I’ll continue playing games.”

“However, there hasn’t been any good games to play for a long time.”

“FV team will only compete in the global finals competition on Sunday morning. It’s really frustrating to wait.”