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Finally, she called the true hero’s name that’ll bring her the final attack.


Completing the miraculous recovery that no one expected, our hero of light said…

“That’s me.”

At the next moment, the weakest girl’s ultimate landed on the strongest demon king in history’s head.

Karen Tendou

The first time I noticed Chiaki-san’s gaming style was around two weeks ago -on the day of that kiss.

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Honestly, that day’s goal is to find a game that can be used to defeat Main Fushiguro-san.

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Then, Chiaki-san, Amano-kun, and I moved together. Of course, Chiaki-san played with me a couple times too.

So, my first impression of her gaming skills are-

“Yep, she’s indeed at the same level as Amano-kun.”

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-That. Well, which means that…she sucks. (I’m sorry, Amano-kun, Chiaki-san.)

It’s just that I anticipated this. After all, these two are practically clones.

It’s just that I didn’t expect one thing. That is-

-There’s a slight difference in why they are not good at it.

Honestly, both of them aren’t talented in gaming. Aside from that-