Is it true that the online advertising micro investment makes money?

Is it true that the online advertising micro investment makes money?

“W-Well, I still feel like it’s great to see the aftermath of the main story in RPGs…”

“Yeah, I can understand that-“

“If there’s an after story where the human protagonists suddenly turned into fishes and cause mass hysteria, that would be awesome!”

“Uh, sorry, what kind of disgusting plot is that?”

“Really? Ah, I apologize first if there’s any misunderstanding. In my hypothetical situation, the main story is still the typical RPG with fantastical elements.”

“Um, sorry, I don’t have any misunderstandings for that. Instead, I think it made more sense if the main characters are already animals in the main story!”

“Ahaha, what are you talking about. It’s because the main story goes for the standard human models, doesn’t turning them into fishes in the OVA makes the plot more fun?”

“I feel like this is the first time that I’ve grasped the true insanity of humanity!”

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“How rude. All gamers will look forward to an after story plot where the humans turn into fishes. Right?”

Chiaki smiled as she looked back at us, and Tendou-san and my responses are-

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“Shake our heads furiously!”

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-We immediately shook our heads in disapproval, not to mention nodding…However, Chiaki pretended she never saw that and turned back towards Aguri-san.

“…Uh, I guess it’s based on personal preferences, perhaps some people prefer shells than fishes.”

“No, the problem isn’t about that kind of small details! The two gamers behind don’t resonate with you in the slightest!”