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“Although you say this is unforgivable, how do you plan to stop Tsukishiro’s interference?”

He wanted to know how we should expand our defensive network. I had already decided what needed to be done.

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To prevent Tsukishiro’s wrongdoing, we’ll have to use the staff of the school.

“The first thing I need is a staff member who can actively fight against Tsukishiro. If we can closely monitor him, we can hinder his freedom, which will keep him from acting as freely as he did last time.”

We couldn’t let our opponent do whatever they wanted. This was an action that must be taken no matter what the situation was, a strategy that couldn’t be ignored.

We didn’t necessarily need someone as powerful as him, just someone who was brave enough to face him.

“Yeah, without them, I don’t think your plan could even exist.”

Chairman Sakayanagi also seemed to figure out what I was looking for.

I didn’t know the state of the school. Who to trust, and who not to.

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Out of all the people in this school, whether there was someone who was willing to implement justice was unknown.

There was also a possibility that there were some teachers who’ve turned to Tsukishiro’s side.

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On the other side of the phone, Chairman Sakayanagi seemed to contemplate his thoughts.

The choice of our personnel determined what our fate would be, and no one knew that better than Chairman Sakayanagi

“Do you know Chabishira-sensei? I asked her to take care of you.”

“Yes, she seemed to understand my situation.”