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Zhang Yuan was stunned. “He’s singing an oldie.”

This song was very widely-known. Almost everyone in the cafe had heard it before. The moment Chen Lei began singing, almost everyone in the internet cafe who had been drinking turned to face the stage. It was almost like spring water was flowing from the stage onto the ground, surrounding everyone in the audience.

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Zhang Yuan was still dazed. He could not help but hum along to himself.

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Ma Yang continued drinking his alcohol and quietly said to Zhang Yuan, “I don’t think he sings as well as you do.”

Zhang Yuan cast a sideward glance at Ma Yang, frustrated. “Brother Ma… he sings so much better than I do.”

“Is that right?” Ma Yang was shocked. “His voice is neither that high nor that low. How is he better?”

Zhang Yuan felt like he was speaking an alien language to Ma Yang. However, recalling that Ma Yang was still his supervisor, he maintained his smile. “A good voice always manages to move its audience. Ballads sung with a voice like his sound heavenly.”

“I can’t appreciate it.”

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“If you don’t believe me, look at everyone’s reactions.”

Ma Yang watched the audience.

Before this, when Zhang Yuan was singing, everyone focused on their own drinks and their own conversations. Although they were listening to Zhang Yuan, it was obvious that they took him as a background singer.

However, the moment Chen Lei began performing, everyone seemed to be captivated.

Everyone held their glasses and sang along. No one was speaking or chatting. A few people even stared at the stage in a daze. One could only imagine what kind of memories this song had dug up in their heads.

Zhang Yuan was moved. “Brother Ma, where did you meet such a talent?”

Ma Yang kept quiet for two seconds. “…he came on his own.”

“What a coincidence.”

“Not really,” Ma Yang replied, “He said he heard you singing from outside. He thought he could sing better than you so he plucked up the courage and came to the door. I think you should take the most credit for this.”

Zhang Yuan, “…”

“Brother Ma, I changed my mind. Let’s not hire him, alright?”