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"About the movie, you watch it from 11:50 and it'll end around 13:30. So before 2 o'clock you have your meals and around 3 o'clock you leave the shop. After that, you adjust the time yourself and after 4 o'clock you confess. Something like that?".

The result of roughly adjusting the time, this is probably for the best.

Satou-san, too, doesn't seem to have any objections and she nodded satisfactorily.

"After that, I think it's also better if you reserve your lunch. You probably want to take the seats near the windows, right?".

Discounting lunch time, without a problem it can be done.

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"And also, if you reserve your orders ahead of time, they also make you things that are not on the menu".

"So that's how it is, I didn't know about expected of Karuizawa-san".

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If it's the day after tomorrow, that place too, will have good accomodation. Well, the truth is, it's great if the boy thinks of all these things though. This time, it's a stage for the sake of Satou-san's confession so this is fine too though.

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It's just, I don't know whether this was the right answer or not. It sounds pathetic when I repeat it but I've never gone on a real date before......

May 21st…

Pei Qian received the report that Ye Zhizhou sent to him. Shang Yang Games was still incurring losses; it was not showing signs of looking up

In the report, Ye Zhizhou tallied how the number of active players in the game was increasing, along with the number of purchases being made, in detail. It was obvious he was taking these as indications of his success. That was why he was reporting the numbers to Boss Pei.

Of course, all of these results were achieved thanks to Boss Pei’s instructions. Pei Qian did not even pay attention to these. Instead, he focused on total top-up values.

En, there’s still no improvement!

Pei Qian already guessed what was going to happen. He replied, “Not bad, maintain it this way.”