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“What do you think, Mashima-kun? The next special exam…will there be any dropouts?”

“Even though Class A is a head above of the rest, there’s still a chance for those in Class B and below to turn things around. If you put up a strong challenge with the intention to win, there’s a good chance we’ll end up on the same path that you were on."

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“A premonition of quagmire───I guess,” Hoshinomiya muttered, and asked for a fourth glass. The pace of her drinking was going up and up.

“Well, my class is probably okay in a bad sense, but what about Sae-chan’s? Right now, they’re flying high and coming up from the bottom. If they can increase their class points here, they could become Class B straight away. If it were me…”

“I’m going back to my room.”

Chabashira, who had been silent the whole time, stood up and said so before she even finished her first glass.

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“Just when I thought you were finally going to talk, you say you’re leaving…The lively atmosphere’s been ruined…”

“I’m sorry, but you two will have to continue without me.”

Chabashira turned her back, and Hoshinomiya’s sluggish expression changed completely.


Hoshinomiya strongly slammed the now empty glass down onto the table and stood up with great vigour.

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Perhaps because it wasn’t just Chabashira, but also Mashima, who were surprised by her actions, she was unable to speak and showed slight signs of agitation. It was probably fortunate that they were the only three customers at the bar.

“How long are you going to chase after your boring love?!”