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“He said to stay as far away from them as I can, lest I get myself into trouble.

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“I still don’t agree with that view.

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“I know that my father only holds that view because of the hostage situation that happened before I was born. However, I think that the lunatic didn’t represent all the poor people. I won’t let myself discriminate against all the poor people just because I nearly died in the hands of one of them.

“I have a couple of poor friends. To me, they are no different from me. Perhaps they lack a bit of ambition and fighting spirit because of their poverty, but I wasn’t born with those qualities either.

“So I gave speeches at universities and even wrote a book, ‘Struggle and Get Rich’, in hopes that my lifestyle and views on wealth would be a positive influence on them.

“I want to tell you all that money will not drop from the sky. You can only change your fates if you work hard. Our lives will only have the possibility of becoming better if we are not content with the current situation.

“Let me tell you: I have been working hard to learn something new every single day. I never slack off, and I never dare to waste my time.

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“Let me tell you: I never wear luxury clothes, I wouldn’t buy luxurious cars, and I wouldn’t hold meaningless parties, even if it were to support my father’s luxury brand. Every second that I have would be spent meaningfully.

“Without a doubt, my world view has been ridiculed by many people online. A lot of people think that I have no right to talk about ‘struggle’ because I was born into a rich family. They think that I don’t understand what ‘struggle’ means to the poor.

“Yet, many other people have thanked me. The discipline that I have nurtured for decades has moved them. They say that I was given a good environment to grow in because my father worked and struggled. They, too, hope to be able to work and struggle to give their children something.

“I’m overjoyed. That shows that everything I do is meaningful.”

The final scene was of the protagonist signing books in a slum’s book store.

People were lining up to meet him one by one. They handed their books over to him, got his signature, and then thanked him profusely.

Many people wanted the protagonist’s signature. He An had to slide the mouse each time he signed a book, and he continued to do so mechanically. Everyone’s smile and thanks were different, which made him feel like this was a meaningful thing to do.