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Do you make money on online selling appliances?

In theory, the new project should have been a new mobile card game on a larger scale or at the very least, another mobile game!

The sudden jump in genre – especially to an FPS – was somewhat drastic and most companies would not want to do it!

After all, it was too much of a risk to take for a company that had not tried it before.

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Furthermore, the trend out there indicated that mobile games would continue to grow – wouldn’t it be a waste to give up on it?

As though he already knew what Huang Sibo wanted to say, Pei Qian continued, “We’re not going to work on a mobile game project.”

“Tengda’s aim is to become a leader in the games industry. We must not let ourselves be blinded by an insignificant mobile games project. Resting in our comfort zone after earning a little? That’s not the spirit of Tengda and nor is it mine!”

“At Tengda, we’d rather go big or go home!”

When Pei Qian said that phrase, he was filled with righteousness, looking as though he was a tycoon that was overseeing his entire empire with everything under his control.

Enlightened all of a sudden, Huang Sibo nodded his head furiously.

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So, that was why!

They were on different levels entirely!

Huang Sibo was only thinking about doing a safe job and keeping the company afloat.

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However, Boss Pei’s ambitions were totally different!