Online part-time money scam revealed

Online part-time money scam revealed

If I had talked to Aka without being scared earlier...

“Fire Art, 【Flame Cannon Blast(Blazing Chorus) 】!!”

A huge flame emanated from Fuuma’s mouth.

Aka was bathed with a tremendous amount of heat that burned and melted everything.

“Ah, Mr. Aka!”

If you’re exposed to such a big flame, normally...

“...... Unforgivable...”

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But Mr. Aka isn’t normal. He’s much stronger than I imagined.

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The skin, which had been dyed by scorching heat, became even darker and eventually became completely jet black.

The color of the whole body changed, as if the skin he wore was broken through and the real skin underneath exposed.

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Even the sharp horns underwent an ominous transformation, and the eyes became sharper and more violent.


The Aka I knew, was not there anymore.



The ogre, who completely took off the veil, threw Fuuma with all his might.