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Online typing part-time earning regular platform

An otaku is talking to himself, idiotically, while carrying a disgusting smile as he walks alone. Although I feel I’m a crappy person, I can never maintain my poker face in a hot summer like this. That will hurt my heart even more.

…Sigh, while that’s true, the hot weather isn’t the only reason that I’m going haywire right now.

“What does Uehara-kun..feel…?

I turned depressed the moment I thought about that, even to the point that I took back my disgusting smile, which is something that I’m good at.

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I was talking to Uehara-kun a couple minutes ago. Then, he just said that he can no longer support Tendou-san and me. To put it this way, he just announced the fact that he loves Tendou-san.

“With that, this can no longer be explained as a misunderstanding anymore…”

The only reason that Uehara-kun told me face-to-face that he can’t support Tendou-san and me…I can’t think of another other than he loves her.

My mouth curved up as I tried to squeeze a theory out of my head.

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“What if another girl fell in love with me, and Uehara-kun decided to ally himself with that girl?”


“…Um, I felt bad about that.”

I’m ashamed of myself, from the bottom of my heart, that I just associated myself with the plot that only exists in moe light novels as I apologized to the gods.

Well, you’ll more or less imagine yourself to become popular if you’re a guy. Still, I already have a fantastic girlfriend now. However, I still have the wild idea that another girl is falling for me. This is so disloyal to the point that I hate myself for it! I need to realize my current position!

“Although an angelic girl is willing to bend over and date with me, I’m still a disgusting otaku loser from the inside out. Moreover, Uehara-kun loves Tendou-san, and he should be the one to match with her in this situation. This is the absolute truth right now. Alright, I will have to accept that with all my heart.”


…Crap, while I did accept the fact, but my heart was almost crippled by it. Well, the reality is often cruel, I can’t help it. All I can do is to try and go on with my life.

I made up my mind and walked towards to the game store…and buy hentai games.