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Tendo clutched her bag tightly.

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With tears welling in her eyes… She suddenly ran off with a yell:

"I-I’m not joining the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’ after all~~~~~~!"

“I can guess that much!”

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I didn’t even want to smooth things out! Of course! Or rather, instead of inviting Tendo…

“I am thinking about withdrawing from the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’ myself! W-What is happening!? What is this!?”

That day after school, when I formed the Gamers Hobby Group and thought I could resolve all my problems in one go.

Thinking back, this day was the start of all the complicated relationships.

Yup back then── I already had an ominous feeling about it.

Amano Keita

How did things turn out this way?

"Hick… Ughhh…… Ughh……"

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"A-Aguri-san, sorry. It’s all because I am too useless…"