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They looked at No.18-san with contempt as though looking at garbage.

In the middle of that, one thing caught my attention.

「Surely peeping is an unforgivable crime… but does that alone warrant imprisonment for one hundred years?」

A hundred years in prison is almost like a death sentence. I have never heard of a case where punishment for peeping was so heavy.

「Fumu, that was just a simple explanation… First of all, No.18 is an alumnus of Thousand Blade Academy. He’s quite the fine swordsman. So, even if his peeping was discovered, the average Holy Knight could not do anything. And by the time he was finally arrested, he had accumulated hundreds of crimes..」

Apparently, he seems to be a super-powerful peeper.

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「Even if they managed to jail him after tons of struggles, this guy will break out immediately. By tearing off the prison bars with bare hands, or cutting down the walls using chopsticks from lunch for sword.」Leia-sensei shrugged her shoulders in a「good grief」manner.

「And by peeping and jailbreaking over and over again, his prison term has accumulated up to a 100years.」

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「I-I see…」

For the time being, I learned that this person is a pervert who lives for peeping, in addition to being an excellent swordsman. And then,

「What are you doing leaving such a dangerous person unregulated!?」Ria hit sensei with a good question.

At the same time, Rose nodded in agreement.

Naturally, the girls of the target age, demonstrated a strong negative reaction to the fact that a peeping tom was allowed into the same academy.