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Qiao Liang could not help but feel proud when he saw the bullet screen comments.

I, Teacher Qiao, am worthy of being the number one live commerce of Tengda!

Only I, Teacher Qiao, am indifferent to fame and fortune. Otherwise, wouldn’t Boss Pei have specially hired me to be the person-in-charge of the sales department?

In fact, even if Qiao Liang did not do this live stream, the outstanding content of “Animal Island VR” would be introduced to players by other streamers or UP Masters sooner or later.

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The VR glasses and the quality of this game itself were high enough. Therefore, it did not matter even if there was a small misunderstanding in the early stages. As time passed, players would definitely recognize its value.

However, Qiao Liang’s existence undoubtedly greatly accelerated this process and expanded the final influence.

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“Alright, today’s live stream is about to end here. I have to continue editing the material and work hard to make a video.”

“If everyone feels like they haven’t had enough, I suggest you buy a Doubt VR glasses to try it out personally.”

“After all, you can only feel it if you experience VR games yourself. Watching live-streams and cloud experiences are too different from playing it yourself.”

Qiao Liang was prepared to take off his VR glasses to rest.

For a no-show broadcaster, broadcasting for more than two hours was considered working overtime!

However, after withdrawing to the main page of the VR glasses, he suddenly realized that there was an additional promotional page on the main page. Obviously, the content of the main page had secretly changed when he was experiencing the game.

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This promotional page was a huge game promotional poster. On it were the few game characters in the Fitness Battle. There was also a huge title: open download of the Fitness Battle VR version!


Qiao Liang was shocked.