Online typing is unreliable

Online typing is unreliable

At that moment, tremendous pressure was emitted from his whole body.

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This sensation… is the third time following Ria and Cain-san.

(As expected… Sid-san can use it too)

I went on guard and grasped my sword tightly. And he yelled out with a heinous smile.

「Devour – 〈Vanargand〉!」2

At that moment, a huge fissure ran through the empty space, from which a sword appeared. The blade is white like snow, and the hilt is black like the dead of night.

(It’s finally out, soul dress…)

I raised my guard to the maximum level and assumed Seigan no Kamae again.

「This… is the end for you…!」

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From here on out – it’s the decisive battle.

Pei Qian had still been in deep thought when someone knocked on the door of his office. Looking up, he saw Lu Mingliang.

“Boss Pei, we’ve produced a few concept drawings. Do you want to take a look?”

Before that, Lu Mingliang had instructed Ruan Guangjian to handle all concept designs for Repent and be Saved. This included the sceneries, the characters, the monsters, the equipment, the weapons, and the like.

Ruan Guangjian could not have finished all of this alone. However, he had his own workspace now.

After graduation, Ruan Guangjian used his fame and connections to open a small workspace, right next to the finance university which he had been studying at.

The workspace was called Halo Workspace. Thanks to its work for Ghost General and Game Designer and its other concept designs, it had already made a name for itself in the industry.

Ruan Guangjian also invited the few classmates whom he roomed with in university to join him. What’s more, their business had been making profits recently. They had just hired a new group of employees. While they could only undertake small-scale tasks before, they could now handle much bigger ones.