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Is it true that online welfare lottery make money?


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Certainly I agreed with what she was saying. She was stealing the keycard before the fire broke out. There was no time for her to bother burning the manual and fan the flames.

Then, who? Did it even make sense to burn the manual?

“The reason I talked to you in such a roundabout way was to confirm that. You seem to be much different. But in that case, it’s better to say that it was hard to understand. Do you think he’s in the D class? I’d say a guy who seemed to be aware of my crime even before you.”

Ibuki sighed as if she couldn’t understand.

“You mean….”

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Immediately, after the appearance of said person in my mind, I noticed that Ibuki was gone. The next moment, a blow shocked me and hit me hard when she attacked my head with a blunt weapon. I fell, hard.

“Our conversation is over.”

I unconsciously started to feel that I had to get up, but the hand which had lightly been bruised by Ibuki’s right foot made me fall again. Then, Ibuki gripped my bangs firmly and pulled me up.

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“Ah, let me go…..”

“Sorry. I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me.”

Suddenly, she aimed at my face and slapped me with her right hand. My thoughts and my body were at their limit and it was impossible for me not to suffer damage. I shook off the hand that was gripping my bangs. Then, I tried to get upright and draw distance with clumsy movements.

But my legs tangled and crumbled again to the ground like they used all their strength.

“Did you think that such a coercive method will be excused?”