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“This is the first time that I know normies can still show off their love after breaking up. This is annoying.”

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Konoha-san gave a dumbfounded sigh as she squinted and glared at me for some reason.

She started walking again and continued next to me.

“But senpai, you kept saying that you’re a ‘loner.’ Actually, there are other girls that you’re pretty close to other than Tendou-senpai, right?”

“Girls that I’m close to? Ah, you mean Aguri-san?”

I answered without thinking. Suddenly, Konoha-san lowered her head a bit depressingly.

“In times like this, senpai will always think of Agu-senpai’s name first…”

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“Hmm? W-Well, …Konoha-san. Did I do something impolite to you?”

Although I got more friends, my communication skills are just as terrible. Just as I’m worrying whether I’m acting too arrogantly by saying something impolite to a girl, Konoha-san comforted me with a smile.

“It’s okay. Also, speaking of girls that you’re close to, who else would senpai think of?”

“Eh? Of course, it’ll be your sister Chiaki.”

After I answered confidently, Konoha-san smiled a bit cheerfully.