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Ishizaki scrambled to his feet and called after him.

“Ryūen-san! Ryūen-saaan!”

But Ishizaki’s cries didn’t stop him from walking away.

(Part 1 End)

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As the one accredited with overthrowing Ryūen, Ishizaki’s influence within Class D wasn’t exactly low.

However, that didn’t mean that there weren’t any problems.

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The one who should’ve been expelled during the provisional exam, Ryūen, was still here. The class had focused their censure votes on Manabe in order to threaten her a little, but she ended up being expelled instead. Naturally, many students felt suspicious of this.

Of course, the first question in everyone’s mind was: ‘Who exactly was it that cast such a large number of praise votes for Ryūen?’

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Had someone within Class D voted for him? Or, if it was another class, which one?

A lot of theories were repeatedly being tossed around as Class D tried to reason out what had happened.

Due to the high degree of anonymity of the provisional special exam, it had been impossible for them to figure out the exact answer.

In reality, Class B’s Ichinose had indirectly struck a deal with Ryūen, offering a large number of praise votes in exchange for Ryūen’s stockpile of private points. While that was what had happened, Class B would never tell that to anyone. As Ichinose had asked to keep it a secret, her classmates obediently followed suit. Class B would’ve listened to her either way, but in this case, it had been part of a strategy to prevent one of their classmates from being expelled, so everyone was eager to comply with her.

Meanwhile, Class D was enveloped in paranoia.

However, a few of them knew the truth. Ishizaki and Ibuki had taken action in order to prevent Ryūen’s expulsion, and Shiina Hiyori had collaborated with them.

Given that it wouldn’t be strange if everything came to a standstill at this point, Shiina played the very important role of making use of the advice that Ishizaki had received from Ryūen.

She worked diligently to ensure that her class would be matched against Class B.

In a private conversation with Kaneda, she subtly guided him to come to the conclusion that Class B was their best choice.