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“There would be no supporting character who would try to show off and end up being defeated by the protagonist. Instead, all the supporting characters would achieve their dreams one by one, and the parallel world would just get better.

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“The book would lean towards being humorous. It would also be quite relaxing. I think it will appeal to readers who are tired of reading books about young underdogs with unlimited potential.

“I can gather material from different kinds of businesses. There are many stories in the country about companies establishing empires out of pure coincidence.

“Even Tengda can be used as an inspiration. Reality is much more exciting than novels…”

The more Cui Geng thought about it, the more inspired he became!

There were holes in this plot; he could not say that it was perfect.

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Yet, which plot was perfect?

As long as one was venturing into new territory, there would be risks involved.

At that thought, Cui Geng sent the document to his own email and then deleted the document from the computer.

Things like ideas were extremely important to writers. If others saw the document and leaked the information and someone else began writing a book based on his idea, he would be in trouble.

Once he was done, Cui Geng glanced at his cell phone. It was just about time to knock off.

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He stood up and walked out.

Once I get back, I have to focus and work hard to write the ending for the book.

The framework wasn’t big to begin with. If I continue writing eight thousand words per day, I’ll probably finish what I had originally planned in a week or so.

Then, I’ll decisively end the book. So what if I get scolded? I’ll quickly start writing a new one and act like nothing happened.

For the sake of my new idea, I’ll tolerate getting scolded!

Cui Geng walked out of the game room and bumped into Boss Pei, who had just arrived back at the office.