how much money do you need to retire

how much money do you need to retire

I felt my heartbeat quicken. It's been many years since I last felt this sort of exhilaration.

I recalled the question Ibuki asked me a few days back.

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She asked me why I would go out of my way taking risks just to find X. Ibuki said that there's no point to it even if I find X. She's certainly right in that there's nothing beyond uncovering their identity.

Oh, so it was you the whole time? She thinks that's how it's going to end. But that only holds true for normal people. I've been fighting against Class D this whole time by thinking up a variety of strategies. I'd know best that X possesses a mindset similar to my own.

I've never before seen a person similar to me.

That fascination has gotten me all worked up like this.

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I wonder how I myself will change when I come face-to-face with X. I want to know what I'll desire then. I'll be able to see the X who's kept me entertained this whole time.

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That thought made my heart throb, almost like the feeling one feels when thinking of their first love.

I'll do anything for this.

The text I sent to X this morning has already been marked as read. There's no doubt it reached them. Now that they know what's going to go down today, I wonder what sort of strategy X has in mind.


The one who called my name is Shiina Hiyori, who did so from beside me.

"Everyone seems rather restless today".

She said so while looking around. The students who stayed behind are all moving closer to me.

"What are you planning on doing after this?".