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“Uh, very poor choice of words! Well, while it fits for our situation, but how should I put it? You have to pay attention when you’re saying it like that! Although the orientation of the content is very different, we’re still in the same genre. So, your words are a bit sensitive!” [Note: Amano and Mizumi are referencing to the light novel Boku to Kanojo no Game sensou, roughly translating to The Battle of Games Between Her and Me. The female protagonist is also called Tendou.]

“…Amano-kun, sometimes you’re confusing me with your words.”

“You’re the last person that I want to hear that from!”

We repeated this useless interaction as we fought each other chaotically.

Then, around 10 minutes later.

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“I-It’s over…”

Although the match ended with Tendou-san and me on the victor’s side, honestly, I don’t feel that I’ve won at all. In reality, Tendou-san didn’t even look at the results. She just tiringly mumbled. “Mice…It’s not enough…” …If a stranger saw her, the person will immediately feel that she’s a psycho. By the way, even her boyfriend, that’s me, wanted to keep my distance from her. Scary.

On the other hand, Mizumi-kun has his own issues as well. He laughed it off even after he killed a bunch of teammates. “I…I didn’t regret any of this, Amano-kun!” Nuts. This guy went nuts.

Only Kase-senpai barely remained calm, but he’ll mumble pretentiously. “Ha, I knew how to kill mice now…” In a sense, that looks like he’s the one that went utterly crazy.

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So, in a situation like this, I snapped out and realized Oiso-senpai is seemingly trying to install a large screen…Memories from the past began replaying in my mind again.

“In this situation, …it’ll turn into me sucking at fighting games before there’s no place for me to stay here anymore…!”

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Just as I’m sweating, senpai continued her preparation. Once I looked, Tendou-san, Mizumi-kun, and I already got the wireless controllers.

As I’ve expected, the massive monitor in the clubroom displayed the screen of the same battle royale type fighting game just like last time.

Oiso-senpai hastily chose something at the main menu. This is a battle royale. It’s different from the FPS, you can’t rely on others anymore. (Even though I didn’t count on Tendou-san just then)

The character selection screen appeared. Just as everyone started to choose, Oiso-senpai was the first one to finish selecting.

“Then, I’ll choose this one that I’m the least familiar with, just to practice and be lenient.”

Oiso-senpai used the exact same reason as last time to pick her character, still a mindset identical to that of a real gamer.