Online programming doing money

Online programming doing money

Such videos were very helpful to players who purchased the game but were stuck in one of the stages or to cloud players who would just watch the video and pretended that it was them who had cleared the stages.

However, it would not stimulate the sales volume of the game.

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Pei Qian had thought about that thoroughly when he invited Teacher Qiao over to try out the game. It should not pose a huge risk to him.

As long as the ‘fortress’ regarding the game’s difficulty was not demolished, there was nothing for Pei Qian to worry about.

After refreshing Aili Island’s webpage once again, Pei Qian decided to take a rest and watch a drama series.

However, a new video suddenly appeared on the updates section of Aili Island.

The second episode of the ‘Products of the Gods’ series: Repent and be Saved, a Hardcore Game that Tortures the Players!

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Pei Qian was confused. “?”

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He clicked on it quickly.

There were some words in the description section: Many players gave up on the game because of its difficulty level. That is really disappointing. In my opinion, this was not a game that turned away players with bad skills. Contrary to that, only players with bad skills can truly understand the value of this game!

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

What the hell? Only players with bad skills can truly understand the value of this game? What sh*t are you talking about!

Be careful of your words. You would be held responsible if the players’ understanding of the game deviated!