What chess can be made online

What chess can be made online

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His smile, a grin with his teeth showing awkwardly, was nothing like his usual refreshing one.

“Your personality really is twisted in different way to mine, isn’t it, Takuya?” Although she was appalled, Amasawa continued. “I feel sorry for Utomiya-kun too. He’s only thinking of his friends, but to think he’d team up with you to protect Tsubaki-chan. If he knew that you were the one that expelled his friend from Class C, he’d get angry, wouldn’t he?”

“We knew from the start that he was clumsy and always thinking about his friends. After one of his classmates was expelled, he was thinking that he would definitely stop it the next time. To team up with another class who originally wouldn’t join hands with you, the quickest and easiest method was to create a common enemy, Housen. I got into the pockets of Tsubaki and Utomiya, developed a strategy that was never going to succeed, and checked Ayanokouji’s cards. Thanks to that, I was also able to see that he has a connection to the leader of second-year Class A, Sakayanagi.”

“Ah~ the one who came to see me. Arisu-senpai.”

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“There’s a chance she’ll come in and interfere in a fight between me and Ayanokouji in the future, so I’ll have to think about how to deal with her.”

“Yeah, yeah, do what you want.”

Amasawa, who was tired of watching Yagami talk on and on, sighed in boredom. When he was in a good mood, Yagami would keep talking forever, even when he was left alone just like now.

He was enjoying this situation more than anyone else, even though he was putting himself in danger of being exposed for who he really is.

“Are you satisfied now that you’ve made your speech? Can I leave now?”

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“Before that, the thing I wanted to confirm to the point of calling you out was your intentions, Ichika.”

“Hmm~ intentions?”

With a childish smile, Yagami grabbed both of Amasawa’s forearms in an instant.


Amasawa, who was being vigilant with the intention of avoiding it at all costs, didn’t let her guard down, but she still couldn’t react.

“Utomiya or me? It'll all be revealed at a time when everyone is not so far behind. That will be when it starts.”

“So then he’s going to give you the serious contest that you’re hoping for?”

“It’ll be a contest of true strength, with both sides recognising the other as the enemy.”