Online programming make money?

Online programming make money?

Pei Qian was speechless. “…”

On further thought, that seemed true.

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Thanks to the official website for resources, ESRO, the capital required for researching and developing games was now much lower.

It would indeed be quite difficult for them to spend fifty million yuan in just four months on one image and twenty-odd heroes.

What should he do, then?

Pei Qian fell into deep thought. Could he lend the experience of other MOBA games?

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Many MOBA games had failed. Yet, did they fail because of poor gameplay, bugs in the system, or bad advertising?

Pei Qian really could not tell.

After much contemplation, Pei Qian finally thought of a decent way out.

He thought about games continually being tested after being produced and were never officially released because of the creator’s fears. That happened because those creators would be pronounced bankrupt once their games were released. Pei Qian thought that there was much to learn from their experience!

Of course, he could not steal their copyrights without paying

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If he did that, he would not be allowed to release the game. If he failed to settle for two cycles, the System would shut down on Boss?Pei.

However, what if he bought the copyrights? How much would that cost?!

He would not have to worry about not being able to finish spending the System Funds! As long as he kept purchasing copyrights, he could spend as much money as he wanted.

This was a good idea to Pei Qian. “We’ll buy

“Be it domestically or overseas, we can buy any character IPs we find suitable. Even if they’re expensive-as long as we can insert them into our game, we will do so.