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Is it really able to make money online?

The internet was filled with negative comments. Even the few players who supported FV Club did not have much hope either.

What’s more, FV Club had been doing their jobs on Weibo. In addition, Long Yu Corporation had hired some fake reviewers to set the pace. Thus, FV’s popularity was not very good.

Now that the negative news of “no mock competitions to play” had been released, it made things worse for gamers who had no confidence in domestic teams.

All in all, the internet was filled with gloom.

Pei Qian flipped through the comments and could not help but smile.

Could this be what it meant when the forces of heavens and earth came together?

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Even foreign clubs were starting to give me a hand?

Pei Qian did not ask Wu Yue about the authenticity of the news because it was likely true.

The teams in the same division were more inclined to team up during the mock competition. After all, they did not want to reveal their trump cards to the other divisions.

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What’s more, FV was the only domestic team left in the top eight. Those European and American teams would form teams to compete in mock competition and isolated FV Club. Objectively, they could greatly weaken FV team’s strength and reduce their competitors.

Logically, foreign teams had a strong motive for doing this.

Pei Qian was elated. He had already made preparations.

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He would call Wu Yue at once to express his condolences after FV Club’s top eight were eliminated. He would tell everyone that he had tried his best not to be upset and to continue playing in Los Angeles until the world finals ended!

At the same time, in Los Angeles...