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“... Tsuk...... shi...”.

Mr. Machio also looked very emotional and turned over his depression on the spot.

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Elder Sis Tsukshi continued to hug Mr. Machio tightly, and never let go.

Gradually, the audience, which had been quiet, began to shout.

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“That’s right, Mr. Machio! I’ll get angry if it’s not elder sister!”

“Uncle, Big Sister! Do your best!”

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“Yes, Machio, be happy!”


The words directed at one man. “Be happy”. The word echoed forever, and finally Mr. Machio’s eyes were moistening.

A man who was so hard on himself and did not think about his own happiness was loved by so many people who wished for him to be happy.

[What an unexpected turn of events! But the words Danchok left behind were exactly what everyone in this country was thinking! Everyone thinks so! Machio saved my life! Thank you, Machio! That’s why I hope! Now it’s your turn to be happy! In the end of the competition, it’s not for glory, honor, or money that they competed with each other in arms! It’s happiness!]


[An unexpected ending. But the best ending! Thank you, Machio! And be happy! With this, the current Arcane True Zenith Fighting Tournament... huh? What? It feels like we’re forgetting something...]