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"Ever since middle school, you've known about my brother. What are you saying now after all this time?".

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The reason Horikita used her brother as a witness, too, is related to the fact that Kushida is aware of their relationship as siblings. As long as it's not something to hide she'll be using it effectively, is what she means, huh?

This isn't something that'll be over quickly. I firmed my resolve and took a seat beside the two of them.

"A certain person desires your induction into the student council".

"A certain person?".

".....your brother".

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Of course, strictly speaking, the older Horikita requested no such thing. He only told me I was free to choose whether to use Horikita, or to not use her. However, to make Horikita take action, I have no other choice but to use her brother.

"Why is my brother telling me to join the student council? That sounds absurd".

Looking slightly dissatisfied, Horikita repudiates it.

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"It's the truth".

"If it really were the truth, then my brother should have told me this directly. Why did he go through you?".

"Do you think that brother is the type to tell you directly?".

"I don't. In the first place, he's not one to say things like join the student council".

In other words, Horikita did not believe my words from the very beginning.

If it's a sibling relationship that has frozen up to this extent, it would only be interpreted as a lie. However, even so, Kushida's existence is unnecessary if I'm to deal fully with the truth.

Once the 3rd semester begins, she'll learn of Ryuuen's downfall and she may become convinced that I'm the one behind the secret maneuvers. If that happens, it'll get even more troublesome. Leaving aside that this would have inevitably happened, such a time does not necessarily have to be now.

"I have no intention of playing along with your lies. What exactly is your point?".