How to open a mahjong hall online

How to open a mahjong hall online

They looked at the two, who had changed their opinions at the last minute.

「What does this mean you bastards!?」

「This isn’t what we agreed!」

Yes. The two had come into contact with all the directors except Leia and had arranged beforehand to expel Allen. In addition, they had given a large amount of money to Ferris, to support Allen’s expulsion.

It was no wonder they were furious.

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With their faces dyed red, they glared at the『traitors』with resentment.

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「Fue, E-Err…that is… I-I am sorry…!」

The director, who had succumbed to Leia’s prowess just before, lay down on the desk with tears in her eyes. Ferris, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be scared, and spoke with a nonchalant look.

「Yes, I certainly heard what you had to say. But it was only listening… Nobody said『okay』though.」Ferris said, narrowing her slender fox eyes whilst chuckling.

「B-Bastard… But you accepted the『teacake』…!」

The teacake here is a hidden word for『bribe』which can be understood only between the two people.

Then Ferris,

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「Nn? Aa, that was really delicious, thanks a lot.」

It was a simple word of thanks for receiving the original meaning of『teacake』.

「Guh…T-This『Vixen』…! Just what are you thinking!?」

「No?, I thought of expelling Allen at first, but… you see, Sid…」

Saying that, she began to explain about why she voted against it.