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I wiped the table with the wet towels a couple more times despite not achieving anything. Then, although I tried my best to stay calm, …my lips trembled as I asked him.

“Uh, …y-you have a girlfriend?”

Facing with the question that I only asked once in my lifetime-

Keita Amano, …he answered very clearly.

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“Ah, yes, I do. My girlfriend is super beautiful. It’s a shame that she’s willing to go out with me.”


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Even though I fell speechless, I managed to walk to the kitchen tremblingly like I’m a ghost. I washed the towel as my brain rapidly spun.

(Eh, what is this? What’s happening? This guy is a classic loner. Why does he have a girlfriend!? Isn’t this strange? No, more importantly…)

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Why is my heart pounding so fast…?

(…O-Oh, I got it. I-It’s because Ao warned me about this before. I figured out as much. Yeah, yeah.)

I remembered the specific “reason” for my panic, so I felt a bit relieved.

I turned off the tap and wrung the towel dry forcefully.

(You’re a university girl bringing a high school boy into your house. A situation, …won’t it be pretty bad if the boy has a girlfriend? This would be something more than a rom-com. -Ao said this before.)

However, when I heard her warning, I figured out that “a guy like Keita Amano” will never have a girlfriend. So, I ignored what Ao said…

It looks like I’m dead wrong.