How do students make money online

How do students make money online

“Then can you give me five people’s worth? That way I would feel completely reassured.”

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“How greedy. Although I was planning to spend a similar amount of money recently, I’ll finance it specially, just for you.”

For more than a year, Class A had consistently received a higher amount of private points than any other class. Therefore, the amount of points each student saved would not be comparable to the other classes.

“With that our contract is complete. Even if you hadn’t offered to loan me the deposit points, I would have chosen to join forces with you. Our main goal is of course to reach Class A, but as you said, we fell to Class C and we can’t afford to fall even more. Since, if we fall down to Class D, our class’s motivation would surely be greatly reduced, and that is something we want to avoid.”

Ichinose sought to shake hands with Sakayanagi.

“The proposal for an alliance between Class 2-C and Class 2-A— I accept it.”

By shaking hands, they had established an alliance between their two classes.

“With this, I can fight reassured. Although it’s a bit hurried, I have a request.”

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“In order to maximize our chances of winning, it’s necessary to start with giving the main force of Class A the “More People” card… right?”

As an ally, Ichinose had already begun to form the best strategy going forward.

Using the “More People” card of which there was only one in the 2nd year, you could form a group of 7 members.

That was another reason why Sakayanagi had decided to fight alongside Ichinose.

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“It’s helpful that you understood so quickly.”

“However, both Ryuuen-kun and Horikita-san are formidable opponents.”