Recently, I am very fired on the web.

Recently, I am very fired on the web.

“I won’t be able to calm down here, shall we go elsewhere?”

“T-That’s right. Yeah, let’s do that, let’s do that.”

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“In that case, please accompany me for a while.”

The two of them started walking side-by-side.

Yamauchi is trying to match Sakayanagi’s slow pace.

Looks like he is capable of being considerate, even if it’s only the bare minimum amount.

The other students saw the two of them off, perhaps having determined that following them any further would be difficult.

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(Part 1 End)

The Ayanokōji Group assembled in a cafe with all its members present save for Akito, who’s headed off to his club. Haruka started the conversation.

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“So, what do you think is the truth behind that little farce between Yamauchi-kun and Sakayanagi-san earlier?”

“Can we really call it a farce though?”

Keisei asked Haruka that once again.

“That’s- I mean, right Airi?”

“I… I think that was, umm, that…”

Airi said so with a slight blush.