What is the reliable Money Money Platform on the Internet?

What is the reliable Money Money Platform on the Internet?

Pei Qian did not dare let Teacher Qiao comprehend what he meant by himself. It would be much worse if he realized something terrible.

Therefore, Pei Qian came up with a plan to expel wolves by welcoming tigers!

Didn’t you want to know how this video could be brought back to life?

That could be done, as long as you stop making videos on ‘Products of the Gods’ and ‘Struggle’.

Pei Qian knew very well that Teacher Qiao would definitely over-interpret Struggle once it was released. The next Products of the Gods would definitely feature it.

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If that was the case, why not take the initiative to strike?

Replace a video that was likely to make ‘Struggle’ popular with a random video. That would be bloody profitable!

He looked at Teacher Qiao and realized that he must have been convinced.

It was famous that Boss Pei’s words were golden, oh no, had the ability to turn stones into gold. Tengda’s employees and Qiao Liang believed firmly in it.

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Pei Qian suddenly felt that everything seemed to be going smoothly for him. It was as though it was his turn to be offensive.

Pei Qian checked the situation of each industry again after coming to the office while he waited for Rui Yuchen to arrive.

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