Is Internet WeChat make money reliable?

Is Internet WeChat make money reliable?

Yu Pingan listened seriously without asking.

Pei Qian paused and said, “I am going to do a new project, including a web terminal and a mobile app. The name is...’Useful’.”

Yu Pingan: “Useful App? Then... what’s the specific use?”

Pei Qian explained: “This idea is actually derived from some unpleasant experiences when I used Qiandu to search for information.

“Now, the Internet is full of all kinds of rubbish. The same article, but dozens of websites repeatedly reprinted and washed the manuscript... so that when you search for keywords, you can’t find what you want.

“So, I think someone has to stand up and change this situation!”

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Yu Pingan was stunned for a moment: “Then... Boss Pei, do you want to make a product similar to a search engine?”

Pei Qian shook his head: “Although the current search engine itself has many problems, even if we build a conscientious search engine, this problem cannot be solved.

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“If 99%!o(MISSING)f the things on the Internet are worthless spam and we are going to be a search engine, how good the algorithms must be used to find out that 1%!o(MISSING)f the things? This is unrealistic.

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“So we are not going into search engines but content production.”

It stood to reason that there was a high probability of losing money on search engines.

Qiandu might have many problems, but it was very powerful in terms of technology accumulation in search engines. Many large companies have tried making search engines, but they have not been able to shake Qiandu’s position without exception.

However, Pei Qian felt that one could never be too careful.

Tengda now has an excellent reputation, and considering the TPDb website and other factors, many people may use the search engine if it was created.

Moreover, the search engine was a window; what if there was a linkage with the existing industries? This risk was too great.

Yu Pingan thought for a while: “Then... or can we build a Q&A platform? Although there are two products—Qiandu Wiki and Qiandu Q&A, we can continue to do it.”