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He explained the basics.

「The human mind is not strong enough to withstand “100 million years of solitude”. At best, only 1,000 years. At worst, 1 year. And after that, you choose to suicide. Before that happens, before your mind breaks, you have to tear that world apart and return to the original world.」

「I-Is that so?」

This is the first I’m hearing of it

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「Yeah. A case like you, who survived 100 million years – much less, spamming that button, is unheard of. You are an “exception among exceptions”.」

Come to think of it…

Leia-sensei seemed truly surprised when I first told her that I had been swinging for over a billion years.

「And the 100 Million Years button is not something that can be produced so many times so easily. You have to clear some extremely tough conditions and then finally create one in this world. That’s why the hermit of time is “selecting” the person who pushes the button.」


「Aa, that’s right. He wanders around the world looking for a swordsman with great talents above the rest. And then he suggests the existence of the 100 Million Years button to the swordsmen who matches his criteria.」

「…What is the purpose of the hermit of time?」

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He wanders all around the world to hand out the rare 100 Million Years buttons. Just what is the benefit to him?

「The hermit of time has only one purpose – to find the “Child of Destruction”.」