03 years of online make money

03 years of online make money

“How’s Thaaaaaaaaat!!!”


How was it? This was all right, wasn’t it? That’s the right answer, isn’t it?

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I’ll probably never use this technique again except in a fight against Mr. Machio.

But I learned it. And made it work.

Do you have any complaints?

“Tte... other than sparring or a show... it’s not even acting, it’s the first time I’ve been hit with this...”

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Even though he had fallen on top of his head, Mr. Machio still did not lose consciousness.

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Jeez, he’s a really tough guy.

“Ha~, ha~... ei... ha~, ha~...”

Mr. Machio’s breath was rising. It looked pretty painful.

After all, there was a considerable amount of wear and risk associated with this pump-up thing.

“Ke, I’m not using that again. And next time, I’ll settle it.”

If Mr. Machio continued to use this technique, it would be dangerous. But so what?

“Wait, Machio, I don’t think you can take anymore! More than that!”

“That’s right, Machio! That technique is ————-“