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"Certainly he's reliable. But if we're talking about winning, then Sudou alone is insufficient".

If I cannot control him, he might as well be a double-edged blade that could end up hurting us.

"Let's follow Sudou-kun".

Along with those words, Hirata started. Fortunately, there were no notable people running in the same group as us.

Since we were compatible as partners as well, similarly to Sudou, we ended up with the ultimate result of 1st place. Now no one should be complaining.

"Kyaa---! Hirata-kun's so cool---!".

However, the cheers from the girls directed at Hirata are painful to listen to.....

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Then the girls' three-legged race began and in the second round up, the Horikita/Kushida pair began preparing. The pair consisting of Horikita, who's learned to compromise a bit and Kushida, who's all too willing to compromise. The relationship between them is abysmal but since their interests are aligned towards winning there should be no problem.

Now's the time to demonstrate the results of their practice.

They appeared to be making preparations without so much as initiating conversation with each other. From my perspective, knowing their internal affairs, it's truly a bizarre pair but from Class D's perspective, they're a relieving, safe and capable pair.

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They had a promising start as 2nd place. Not a bad start and cheers began to rise up.

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"Go, Suzune!".

Sudou, who had secured 1st place, let it get to his head and in violation of their promise, called her by her first name but his voice didn't necessarily reach Horikita, he's probably safe.

However, they immediately stalled right after and their ranking fell.

Before I realized, the ones running in 1st place were girls from Class A. It was a pair led by a girl who vaguely possesses the same aura as Horikita. At that moment, the Class C pair with Yajima in it that were in 2nd place, began their pursuit.

"Something's strange".