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The correct battle strategy for the game had already become clear to Qiao Liang who had unlocked multiple endings. Now, he had to focus on the game’s plot.

After all, the plot and worldview were arguably important parts of any game; and Repent and be Saved was obviously rich in these aspects.

After playing the game for some time, Qiao Liang opened a document and began to write a plan for his video.

“If you are observant enough, you would realize that the beasts that appear in the video also appear in the official game flow. What’s more, they would change.

“The corpse by the river twitched in the cut scene. This is a hint that it has turned into a monster. During the gameplay, a weapon appears beside the corpse. If the player attempts to take this weapon, the corpse would jump up and grab the player, instantly killing him.

“… The video also contains an old monk, seated in a worn-out temple outside the city and chanting. He manages to shield himself against the wandering ghosts’ attacks. When the player arrives outside this temple, he will realize that the old monk has already lost his sanity. He will later crazily attack the player.

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“…Once you kill the old monk, you will get his Buddha beads and staff. The former is a consumable item that would be useful in the early stages of the game. The latter has average stats and is barely worth storing as an alternative weapon. “…Since the Buddha beads are more important and the old monk is quite weak, I suggest that everyone go and kill him after getting out of the city. That way, you would be able to obtain these items.

“The crazy scholar set his house on fire. When the player arrives here, he would see that the house has been almost reduced to ashes. In a nearby corner, he would be able to find the scholar’s corpse. You can get a torn and tattered letter from his body. From it, you will learn a bit of history about the village before it descended into chaos…

“… There are certain triggers in the plot that might lead you to a different ending in the game. At the moment, I am not sure how different endings there are. However, I am sure there are at least two.”

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As Qiao Liang played the game, he recorded the various details and Easter eggs he encountered.

The more he recorded, the more he appreciated the game!

He had not noticed all these things when he was playing the game before. He had only been thinking about how to complete the game, how to defeat a certain boss, and the like. There was no time to take note of the details.

However, he had already seen multiple endings of the game and returned to his own apartment. The game was no longer as challenging as it was before. Now, he could finally study the details that he missed out on.

The more he studied, the more he realized that the game was rich in content!

Qiao Liang began to suspect that there was a full team in charge of plot design. That was the only way they could have produced such a perfect, detailed story!