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Baidu how to make money online writing something

It looks like the core game mechanic wasn’t a scam.

Then, I glanced at the notice.

{However, events will only be triggered within the 2 hours that the young man is awake. If the app isn’t opened during this period, you can’t see the event. Also, the young man will choose an option on his own. Please mind that.}

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“You need to check it frequently if you want to see the happy ending. Honestly, this is a bit annoying. …Well, whatever. This is training, after all.”

I feel like this game is really unfriendly to users. Well, I guess you can it’s a feature of idle-type games, right.

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Just as I’m thinking about all that, the 1-minute countdown passed already. An event popped up on the screen.

The young man stared outside the window alone.

{I…can’t just stay here and do nothing. Cough, cough!}

“You can get out now. You just caught a mild cold, right.”

{Even though the doctor smiled and said I can be discharged anytime. …Well, this means that…I already…ran out of options, …right. …I guess that’s what he means…}

“Indeed, you ran out of options in the opposite meaning. After all, this can be cured with enough nutrients and a good rest.”

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{Hmph, …the yellow fungus over there and me, …I wonder who will die first…}

“I’m afraid it’s the fungus.”

No, I can’t even stop complaining. Is this a gal game? Is the developer even serious about making this?

The young man continued.