How teachers make money online

How teachers make money online

That was it?

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Ordinary voice assistants would have answered, “Alright, I’ve set your alarm for tomorrow at 7 AM. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Yet, when it came to AEEIS, all it had to say was “it’s set”?

How concise.

Yu Pingan was actually mentally prepared for this. However, he still felt a little uncomfortable being treated like this by AEEIS.

“AEEIS, remind me to stand up and move my body every day at 3 PM.”

AEEIS: “Sure.”

A calendar reminder interface appeared on the information display, and the message ‘3 PM – Stand up and move your body’ appeared.

Obviously, this was the same style.

If it was any other voice assistant, it would have probably said, “I’ve created a calendar reminder. I’ll remind you to stand up and move your body every day at 3 PM.” However, AEEIS had omitted everything.

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Yu Pingan asked a few more questions and tested the basic functions of AEEIS.

The most direct difference between AEEIS and other smart assistants was that the answers to the questions seemed to be very concise. It would also display the relevant information interface in the information display area, and would repeat not the answers through their voice.

What’s more, even if it had to use the voice messages to reply, it would try his best to reduce the number of words and not say anything unnecessary.

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At first, Yu Pingan felt a little uncomfortable. However, after getting used to it, he felt that it was not a bad feeling. It was much more comfortable than the artificial intelligence that he was used to.

It was just like how a boss would assign a subordinate work: “Go and inform XX department that we’ll have a meeting.” The subordinate’s best response would definitely be “Okay, Boss” instead of “Okay Boss, I’ll inform XX department about the meeting immediately”. That was because this was equivalent to repeating the boss’ question.