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Just as I’m worrying, and like what I’ve expected, I can start to hear gunfires from the battlefield. Two friendly signals were lost from the radar. The two AIs on our side were demolished right away…Of course, it’s because the leading players are still rubbing around at spawn.

I quickly started controlling my character to attack as I talked to Tendou-san.

“T-Tendou-san, we have to go to the frontlines quickly! We’ll lose at this rate!”

“Yep, okay, perhaps you’re right.”

“You’re still saying perhaps! You’re the main star of our team no matter what you think, please be more serious…”

Just as I’m mumbling as I lead my character to the entrance of the ruins, that moment.

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Along with an explosion, white smokes and red damage effect flashed on the screen.

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“Sigh, I was immediately murdered!”

Since this game designed the characters to have low HP on default, while light gunfires don’t hurt too much, being bombed by explosives in the face is guaranteed death- It’s supposed to be this way.


Unbelievably, my character is still alive. Although I was frozen for a second, I immediately turned around and hid myself to confirm the situation. So…

“…A-A smokescreen?”

The place where I just stepped on some explosives is currently enveloped in white smoke…Yep, that’s all.

N-No, smokescreens are valuable equipment in FPS. Whether it’s blocking sniper’s sightlines or blocking enemy advancement, there’s a lot of usages.

However, …of course, it’s not used to hurt people. Although there’s minuscule damage when it blew up, that’s really it. So, this kind of smokescreen where it’ll only activate when an enemy stepped on it is quite confusing, …or what people call a meme weapon. Of course, it’s rarely used in online battles. After all, this is a “meme” weapon that even I will hesitate to equip. I’ll only use it when I’m up against my family or my friends…

With that, I abruptly raised my head. Then, I realized Mizumi-kun is glancing at me with a mischievous grin.

“Ho, ho, ho, how does it feel, Amano-kun? Was it fun?”