How to make money on the Internet in the evening

How to make money on the Internet in the evening

A while later, Ma Yiqun entered the conference room, and the two men began chatting

From their conversation, Cui Geng learned that he was the first author to arrive in Jingzhou for the class. That surprised him.

However, on further thought, it made sense. He had only received the invitation yesterday, and yet he was already here today. He had been quite fast.

The main reason for his enthusiasm was that he wanted to find an excuse to take leave as soon as possible.

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After chatting for some time, Ma Yiqun retrieved an agreement.

“This is the agreement for the online literature class. Everyone has to sign one. Please read the details in the agreement very carefully. Once you’re sure that there are no problems with it, you can sign it.

“We have some requirements, but you don’t have to worry; those are basic requirements. We will not go overboard.”

Cui Geng was stunned. “Huh? There’s an agreement?”

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It was quite formal.

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Ma Yang was already thoroughly impressed when he heard of the six maxed out accounts.

He had tried Fantasy World before but even till now, he was just a rookie.

That Bao Xu was truly a talent!

An elite gamer!

However, he took a look at the salary once more.

“We’re only paying this godlike being 3,000 a month? He’s paid even lower than me! Isn’t that too little? What if he were to get poached?” Ma Yang could not help but feel worried.

Pei Qian coughed. “No, I’ve already convinced him fully with my charms.”

He was thinking about how he would be able to spend yet another lump sum of money with the next batch of salary increments for the entire staff.