Online shopping spokes to make money

Online shopping spokes to make money

“On the other hand, the concept of ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ would greatly reduce the difficulty to be remembered for consumers.”

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“Our emphasis on ‘roasted cold noodles’ means that our direct competitor is not the Chinese food and beverage brands, but the unnamed and unhygienic roadside stalls. That is our advantage.”

“The first goal is to obtain customers. First, we have to differentiate ourselves and make them recognize and remember them. Then, we have to enrich our plan and think in the long term.”

“Someone might want to ask, what’s the difference between ‘cold-faced lady’ and Fish-Catching Take-Out? Would there be a conflict between the products under Tengda?”

“My answer is that ‘cold-faced lady’ would focus on ‘fast food’. Strictly speaking, Fish-Catching Take-Out should be a ‘set meal’ or a ‘simple meal’. Just like steak pizzas and fried chicken burgers, they have different flavors and do not interfere with each other.

“‘Cold Faced Lady’ and Fish-Catching Take-Out, including most of the food and beverage models on the market, do not form a direct competitiveness. We are in different positions and will fight for our own target users.”

“Someone might want to ask, what are you talking about ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ as a roasted cold noodles seller? You haven’t even started your first cold noodles shop, and you’re already thinking about combined events of different industries later on. Aren’t you biting off more than you can chew?”

“I want to say that those who do not plan for the overall situation will not be able to plan for the short term; those who do not plan for the general trend would not be able to plan for the moment. As entrepreneurs leveraging the Internet, we have to possess a very rare but necessary ability to look long term.”

“If my goal is just to casually make some roasted cold noodles, open a few branches, and earn a few million yuan in revenue every month, then why should I hold a news conference and think of a way to obtain so much financing?”

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“If I was a person who was content with a small fortune, what would everyone get in return for investing in me?”

“The so-called reaching beyond one’s grasp actually refers to not having one’s feet on the ground. Everything is in the air. There is a huge gap in the middle between the ground and the target.”

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“However, the model that I have planned for ‘Cold Faced Lady’ has three clear steps. I have clearly explained the goal, the means, and the final outcome. There is no gap in between.”

“Of course, there are some details that are classified as business secrets which I have to keep confidential. This is a necessary condition to ensure that I can succeed in starting the business.”

“I’ll say the same thing again. I don’t expect everyone to decide to invest immediately after watching this PowerPoint.”

“Everyone, you can pay close attention to the dynamics of the ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ brand. When I open my first shop, complete my first marketing event, earn profits in the first month, open my second shop... you will see that my goals have been achieved one by one. You will naturally understand that I’m serious.”