Is it true that the top of the top of the Internet is true?

Is it true that the top of the top of the Internet is true?

Kushida looked like she wasn’t going to let up, but I myself didn’t think that the ceasefire alone would be enough to be rid of her.

“But since I kept losing to you, I will keep quiet for ‘now’.”

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After that, she pushed her chair out, and prepared to leave.

“See you later, Ayanokouji-kun.”


Since there was no reason to urge her to stay, I simply watched as she left.

Through that speech, I also learned that Kushida seemed to be up to something beneath the surface.

After Kushida and Yagami left, I approached the convenience store.

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I wanted to bring a little something for when I met with Keisei and the others later.

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I also wanted to give the person who had been tailing me a chance to contact me.

So I decided to buy some snacks and drinks.


I heard a long, drawn-out voice.

As I was about to pay, Tsubaki from Class 1-C who was standing behind me called out to me. She grabbed a lollipop, probably to bump into me under the guise of ‘buying something’.

“Hello Tsubaki. What can I do for you?”

I asked without mentioning that she was at the cafe.

“I’d like to talk to you about something. Could you wait outside for me?”