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『The Supernova Clad In Jet-Black Darkness – Allen Rodore!!!』

The headlines written in large font could be read from a distance.

(W-What’s going on…?)

When I was petrified like a stone statue before the unexpected situation,

「Wow… Allen-kun, you have become famous…」

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「Kuh, I envy you…! Next time, I’ll play an active part instead and make the name of『Lilim Tsuorine』known to the whole country!」

「No, I think this would normally be embarrassing though…」

The president and senpais took an extra each and said so as though it was someone else’s problem.

(T-This is…)

Everywhere I looked – the extras with my face decorating the entire page were being distributed.

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The general audience who received it, saw my face on the extra, and repeatedly shot glances at me.

I felt very embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

「Let’s go home early…」

The senpais followed behind me as I quickly walked towards the dorm.

Then I navigated through the streets of Orest, finally returning to my and Ria’s dorm.