Online part-time make money experience

Online part-time make money experience

This was where Ma Yang came in!

Pei Qian downloaded from the website a universal template for art resources requirements.

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On the requirement form, one had to detail the sizes of the art resources they wanted followed by some simple descriptions of them.

There were generally two types of art resources. The first type was original design – this was more expensive and had higher demands of the artists as well. Because they had to draw more finely, the requirements naturally had to be more detailed.

The other type of resources referred to UI and special effects et cetera.

There were similar and generically usable art resources of these all around the resource website.

However, Pei Qian was naturally not satisfied with something that was just modified casually – how was he going to spend his money like that?

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Therefore, all art resources had to be custom-made!

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Pei Qian first listed the UI, special effects and similarly less important art resources before filling some simple requirements such as...

They must be cool!

They must fit the three kingdoms theme!

These were all vague descriptions.