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“That’s right. What’s more, changing a group of gamers might not be able to solve the problem. What if most of the gamers on the entire platform want to use this method to freeload the game? Wouldn’t most of the games be taken off the shelves? Then, the platform would not be able to open!”

“Don’t blame me for being straightforward. In my opinion, this measure is too foreign. Obviously, someone who doesn’t understand games thought of it.”

“That’s right. This measure won’t work at all. We might as well get rid of it! It’ll be fine as long as we don’t provide recommendation resources for games with low ratings. There’s no need to take them off the shelves! It’s a loss to the platform as well!”

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However, the group leader was unmoved. “I’m sorry, rules are rules. This cannot be changed.”

“We already have a countermeasure for the gamers deliberately not recommending and maliciously taking the game down. However, we cannot announce it yet. Don’t worry, everyone. We will definitely give everyone a satisfactory answer soon!”

The group leaders repeatedly promised that they would definitely solve the problem of gamers deliberately not recommending and maliciously taking the game down. However, the bosses, producers, and chief planners in the group obviously did not buy it.

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That was because no one had much expectations for this!

As game designers, most of them did not believe in gamers’ self-awareness.

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It was not that he had any misunderstanding of human nature or stereotypes. This was mainly because of the experience accumulated in the operations of most games and the bloody lessons.

After all, games were not reality. Many people in games would often disregard the cost and consequences in order to pursue a special experience.

Some orderly gamers might play some dirty tricks in the game, such as deliberately not following the recommended process to play, to see if there would be any difference, or repeatedly skip across the rules to see if there would be bugs or something interesting.

On the other hand, some relatively malicious players might maliciously use the bugs in the game to profit. They might even maliciously cheat in online games. They might seriously destroy the gaming experience of other players for the sake of their own enjoyment.

Long-term benefits? Maintain the game environment?

It was not important to many players.

In any case, there were so many games in the market now. At the very most, he could change his account and play another game.

As the designer of the system, the game designer had to think of a way to prevent this from happening at the very beginning.