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The students felt kind of relieved hearing the praise from Mr Mashima. Finally, we were starting to feel like we had finished this one week exam.

“Well, then, without further ado, I would like to announce the final result of the special exam.”

Perhaps no one, including our homeroom teacher, had seen through the results of this test.

“We will not accept any questions or inquiries about the test results. You should accept the outcome of the exam and then we would like you to analyze them and use them to help you for the next exam.”

“It is what it is. Do not lose your temper. Accept the reality, properly, alright?”

“It is you guys from Class C that should be worried, you used all your points, right? Ridiculous!”

Sudou made fun of the well-known recklessness of Class C.

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“We are left with 125 points, including the bonus points that we accumulated. I think that we are going to be fine.”

Hirata may have felt a little irritated by Ryuuen’s unreasonable provocation. So he answered with a sense of pride. Ryuuen on the other way, acted disgusted towards Hirata’s immature words and made a gesture like vomiting.

“Oh! I envy the nerve of the small fry, when they are satisfied with such a small amount of points.”

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“It does not matter what you say, Class C still gets 0 points.”

“Oh ho ho. You are not to decide on your own. Certainly, we have used up all our 300 points. However, have you forgotten the additional rules of this exam?”

“… You are saying that you are going to expose our class leader, that’s what it is.”

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“That’s right. I wrote it on the paper, didn’t I? The name of the leader of your Class D!”

Me and also Hirata tried not to show any emotion on our faces, but Sudou felt the shock of these words in his face.

“And I did the same thing to our colleagues from Class A and Class B. Do you understand what that means?”

“Wait a minute. What do you mean? Hey!? If this is true…”